2013 - The Croydonians


Six stories about home intertwined


In association with Refugee Week 2013 we presented The Croydonians at Matthews Yard on June 17. We partnered with another local organisation which supports young refugees called Soundmix. Although our ambitious wish to create a show which married the music of Soundmix with the theatre of Perpanata, was not fulfilled, we did manage to present both pieces separately on the same evening. The film we captured thanks to another fantastic partnership, this time with Refugee Youth, attempts to mix both the action and the music together for the first time.

The Croydonians was directed by Marion Duggan from Ragroof Theatre.

The Croydonians

Cast: Fatima Alabi, Joan Godfrey, Smita Sukumar, Victor Mbuna, Miguel Rowlanes, Will Harris
Filmed and edited by Federico Rivas

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See Soundmix’s website here

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